Yang Mi wearing Piaget Piaget jewelry watch to attend the "Sansei III Shi Li Peach" press conference

Every year when the Geneva International Salon (SIHH) is about to open, we will be on time to see Switzerland Schaffhausen IWC brought about by the excellent replay watch series, which has almost become a IWC tradition The all. Following the 2016 series of pilots, the Portuguese series in 2015, the 2014 Ocean series and the 2013 series of engineers, now, the nations once again show its mettle, will be another may not be popular, but there is still a big ticket watches fans favorite watch series: Da Vinci series, onto the 2017 stage. It is the eighties of last century, the iconic rolex replica watches series, since then, people have witnessed it several iterative updates, such as the identification of a unique identification of the use of barrel-type design. In the upcoming 2017 SIHH show, the nations trace the roots, bringing a new flagship model: Wanguo Da Vinci series of perpetual calendar watch. "Schaffhausen decided to let the new Davinci series return to the round case design, and its inspiration is derived from the classic launch in 1985, Da Vinci series of perpetual calendar watch, which means that we will bid farewell to The former barrel-like appearance, to pursue the proportion of the classic tradition, which is the brand has always been the pursuit of the goal. "CEO of Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Mr. Georges Kern explained. Tracing the source, to pay tribute to the classic - preheated 2017 SIHH Wonderful World series of moonwatch time-series On the map is the classic 1985 series of 3700 000 Da Vinci series of chronograph watch, a standard in accordance with today's seems some outdated watches, but I do not know why always feel faint, this design in a few years Fixes will become a trend, especially considering the 2017 SIHH on the da Vinci watches are inspired by these design clues, ah, so a look at the future can be expected to want to take advantage of now ... this model For the 3750 watch has a very important significance, it was released in 1985, the first watch in the series, created by the designer Hano Burtscher. At that time he wanted to create a circular watch with articulated lugs, which is said to be in Leonardo da Vinci's ancient transcripts found in the design inspiration, perhaps this series is the reason for naming it. Tracing the source, to pay tribute to the classic - preheated 2017 SIHH Wonderful World series of moonwatch time-series From a mechanical point of view, this Da Vinci 3750 replica rolex watches is definitely regarded as a pioneer, the main reason is developed by Kurt Klaus a perpetual calendar movement. In the late seventies of the last century, Mr. Klaus developed a perpetual calendar module, all of its functions can be adjusted through the crown, and can be easily used as an expansion module placed in any basic movement, from a simple size Three-pin to the chronograph movement can be met. The 3750 watch is equipped with internal, is a large number of polished improved Valjoux 7750 movement + self-made calendar module, which was named Cal.79261. Tracing the source, to pay tribute to the classic - preheated 2017 SIHH Wonderful World series of moonwatch time-series In 2017 the SIHH show, the nations take into account this is not the release of the new Da Vinci series, but the "return to origin" theme, then as a pioneer style, both from the appearance or craft, must first 3750 wrist watches tribute in line, so we see this calendar perpetual calendar watch and its articulated lug design is not surprising. From the figure we can see that the new watch with a certain Baroque style, this slightly Italian style design makes the old Da Vinci has a distinctive charm. The new Da Vinci series of perpetual calendar watch case size of 43mm, thickness of 15.5mm, with 18K rose gold material to create, of course, this is not the only other material style will be launched at the show. 2017 SIHH Wonderful World series of moon chronograph calendar chronology, pay homage to the classic - preheated 2017 SIHH Wonderland series of perpetual calendar moon phase uk replica watches In the dial design, the new Da Vinci series of perpetual calendar watch the same innovation, it is the first brand will be coaxial timing indicator with the moon phase plate in the watches together. For the watch brand, usually its timing function and perpetual calendar function with the watches, it means that we can see is the "digital" design, digital date, week, month and other shows, but not Including the moon phase module, this sporty appearance is usually used in the brand's engineers, pilots series or marine series, of course, the old section of Da Vinci also. However, since the 3750 is the source of traceability, then the necessary changes are ineviwatches. So we see the new watches with a classic atmosphere of the disk design, 12-bit moon phase display window and the moon is also located in the window of the time pointer. The remaining elements still follow the traditional, 3-bit display for the date, 6-bit for the small seconds and month display, 9-bit week is displayed, 4-digit year display is located between 7:00 and 8:00. Tracing the source, to pay tribute to the classic - preheated 2017 SIHH Wonderful World series of moonwatch time-series This Calvin series of calendar watch is equipped with Cal.89630 self-winding movement, which is equipped with a column-wheel, vertical clutch, return, timing function, the vibration frequency of 4Hz, can provide 68 Hour power reserve. Which is equipped with the calendar module, as mentioned above, are through the crown to be adjusted. Through the sapphire crystal at the end of the watches back, the wearer can watch the surface of its craft structure, and the fine gold to build the Tuo Tuo. The new Vinci da Vinci series of chronograph timepieces will be in 2017 Geneva watches show officially released, will come together with course, there are many other excellent models, perhaps very simple function, such as the size of the three needles , Ladies watch or timing, etc., may also be more complex, such as Tourbillon, asked the watches, in short, very exciting. The price of the watch is not yet known, it will be 2017 of the SIHH show.