Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving watch

In the recent new upsurge, Howley's 42mm Divers Sixty-Five diving series timely joined a new member. Although the series already has a blue or green models such as disk, but this time, the brand has brought a completely unexpected color use - silver dial. In this classic retro design theme for the series, which only when the absolute count is the leader of the existence, and for the diving rolex replica watches in terms of the field, the use of its silver disk is also regarded as a maverick non-mainstream. Of course, this silver plate Sixty-Five dive watch design is still simple and clear, read is also quite outstanding, if the entry-level dive to be a list, then it is definitely Xiaobian hearts of the former Three of the election. Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving swiss replica watches If you are a fan of Howley, and often concerned about the love table family Howley layout, then you may Sixty-Five dive for the brand most of the changes are very understanding; if the above does not exist (╯ -_-) ╯ ╧╧, then we also have a short review articles for your reference → 1965 Diaison Divers Sixty-Five series of diving watch in the 2015 Basel Watch Fair published size of 40mm , The disk is black, is a luxury to 1965 models dive watch modeled on, to make a modern interpretation. This timepiece and its accompanying series until today is still the brand's most popular one of the best-selling products. The Divers Sixty-Five series of watch models have a solid body, moderate retro style, excellent quality, cool appearance, reliable "heart" and close to the price (less than 2000 euros), is definitely home travel Essential good thing ah. Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving watch Following the 2015 40mm style, the brand has once again introduced a 42mm-size models, although still taking the retro route, but in the design of the disk there is a little different, become more traditional and traditional atmosphere, but also have more For the professional show, the first is the blue disk models, followed by the green disk models. Luminous material round and massive time scale can be described as back to nature, compared to the previous digital design is unique sense of the times, the new watch can be said to fully meet the diving theme: 100 meters of water depth (really a bit low, But the depth of that for 99% of the people are enough), 60 minutes rotating diving bezel, simple and readable disk, clear luminous display, etc. ... Overall, it is not just a Dazzling form pleasing table, is a set of excellent performance, excellent price, superior quality in a three excellent timepieces. However, these are not the subject of this article, because we want to discuss, is brought by the new high-powered silver disk models Divers Sixty-Five watch, and since it is "diving 65", then the use of silver appearance is Some people are puzzled. Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving watch First of all, in order to solve the confusion brought silver face plate, we first look at it for a beautiful and clear appearance of it. Good-looking, is really nice, the other Sixty-Five uk replica watches has quite a retro Fan children, and this silver plate style, at least in terms of appearance, especially with brown leather strap together, even if it is And history is not a trace of relevance, is still regarded as among them the most classic flavor of the timepiece. In its metal dial, the more show is the silver color, gray is not appropriate, because it gives the overall feeling is very bright and vivid, very warm colors, not like Howley The official website picture is so cold. In the surrounding light environment, it will immediately show these characteristics, which is why it has previously said it looks more classic retro reasons. Second, it is the time scale, the official online it looks almost yellow, but the actual point of view, it is the kind of small fresh cream, very clean and refreshing. In addition, "65" series have some of the other high-quality small details in this table also show out: metal edging time scale, trapezoidal calendar window, dome-type mirror, simple writing and logo, etc. ... Really put it down. Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving watch but! Yes! It is a confusing place, that is, some table fans have pointed out, whether it is from the aspects of security or readability in terms of diving tables should be used is a deep tone of the disk, rather than a A bright design. Indeed, in the previous article which we have briefly discussed this topic, and white or light gray disk dive count is really very small. So why is that? In short, the diving table is a need for low light source conditions to provide the best readability of the tool class timepieces, which means that it needs a high contrast disk and pointer, which is why the vast majority Of the diving watch are used in black or dark tone disk reasons. Then the silver dial 65 diving watch is how to say it? As we can see in the following figure, its contrast compared to the black plate style is absolutely no less than the slightest, and covered with luminous material point / block time scale, after entering the underwater environment before Is really the only focus. Diving table disk also has bright color? - Howley Divers Sixty-Five series silver diving watch In general, this Dory Sixty-Five series of dive watch is a very pleasant timepiece, whether from the quality, appearance or performance point of view, and the most important, It is still outstanding cost-effective, after all, this is the "cut hand" the premise. With a rubber strap or leather strap Divers Sixt-Five watch is priced at 1850 euros, while the price of riveting chain with the paragraph 2050 euros. It will be in the spring of 2017, Basel after the show to meet with you.